Apply for a Health Canada growing license.  link below...

Apply for a Health Canada growing license. link below...

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Are you or loved one a medical cannabis user that wants to take control over your bud and oil products? So often receiving product from the mail comes with many surprises as you cannot see, smell, or touch the bud you are buying. Many LP's do not have agricultural standards that meet international certified organic protocol. Below is a link that permits you to apply for a Health Canada growing license. This license can be attached to your house or rental without a 3rd party signature. You can also assign this license to a designated grower that you trust. Once you have your cannabis bud you are free to make your own rosin or cannabis oil.  Take control of your cannabis quality and save some money... even if you don't have a green thumb.  


1) This service is for eligible medical patients only.

2) This is a Done-For-You service, meaning that for all approved patients, they just have to attend the appointment and sign the documents that arrive in the mail. We do all the heavy lifting for the patients (from filling in the forms to printing them out and mailing them. We even include a pre-stamped envelope addressed to Health Canada to make an application VERY easy for you.

3) For Canadians or dual citizenship holders.

4) Limited time and availability....this link is good till M 11, 2019 or till spots are taken.

click below to book your spot....then click "Grow License Consultation & Application"